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Inspired To Become A Pilates Instructor

Nancy has been practicing Pilates for many years off and on. Two years ago she began taking privates at Vero with Andrea. Her goals at the time were to improve her posture, feel stronger, improve her stamina, and just generally feel better in her body as she ages. Now Nancy is standing taller, has less back pain and feels confident enough in her body to join teacher training!

Nancy shares, "As my job as a nurse anesthetist becomes a smaller part of my life as I near full retirement, I’ve had time to start focusing more on doing things that make me happy.

I enjoy gardening throughout the year at Long Beach Organics Zaferia Garden on 10th and Loma. This year I put in a small pollination garden including California natives to serve as forage for the bees at the garden. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a regular supply of fresh organic veggies from my garden.

My fellow gardeners and myself share seeds and veggies as well as donating excess veggies to Cal State LB for food insecure students.

I’m very fortunate to recently have been given the opportunity to manage four beehives at the garden. I’ve been beekeeping since about 2019, starting with one hive, working my way up to 4. It’s always a fun, interesting time taking care of the bees! And yes I do get stung fairly regularly. When I have the time I also like to sew. I’ve done some quilting, made purses and look forward to the day when I have the time to sit and sew a wardrobe for myself.

I’ve recently enrolled in the Pilates Teacher Training that will begin in August at Vero Pilates. I think taking the class is going to be an amazing journey. I’m looking forward to learning all I can about Pilates and then being able to share my knowledge. My goal is to become certified and able to teach others about the practice of Pilates. Pilates has given me so much strength and enjoyment and I’m ready to learn more!"


Studio Member joins teacher training

Pictured: Nancy holding her certificate of achievement for joining the upcoming Teacher Training Program. A wonderful step forward in Nancy's Pilates journey!

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