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Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Long Beach

In March 2023 we are launching a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program at Vero Pilates (Long Beach, CA). Our experienced Teacher Trainer Andrea Smith will be teaching the curriculum from The Lab, a reputable program out of Chicago.

The Lab curriculum takes a classical approach to teaching the entire repertoire of Pilates exercises on the Mat, the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barell, as well as the Arc and Magic Circle. We will teach the curriculum in levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.

The Pilates Method was created by its founder as a complete system of exercises that were designed to strengthen the entire body. Teaching the method as a comprehensive program allows students to see how all the pieces of the system work together. Students gain the confidence to work with all client types regardless of health history, medical condition, as well as injuries.

In addition, the curriculum from The Lab focuses on helping students learn “how to teach” Pilates. It’s not enough just to know the exercises, but also know how to program a session, use clear and concise cueing, and support a client in the learning process.

At Vero Pilates we are limiting our number of spots for our Pilates teacher training program to 10 participants. This will allow time and space for students to receive the support and guidance they need on an individual basis. We want our students to succeed and become confident Pilates instructors of the next generation!

For more information on our Teacher Training Program, click here.

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