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What To Look For in a Pilates Teacher Training Program

When considering signing up for a Pilates Teacher Training Program, here are some of things you should look for:


  1. What does it mean? It means that the program of study covers the entire repertoire of Pilates exercises on all the main apparatus created by Joseph Pilates including the Mat, the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barrel, the Arc, and the Magic Circle. In contrast, many certifications are modular meaning that they allow you to study one piece of equipment at a time (or not at all). This limits your understanding and perspective of what the Pilates Method is and how it can be applied to support your clients and limits your ability to work in many studio spaces where comprehensive training is a job requirement.

  2. Why is this important? A certification from a comprehensive program will allow you the flexibility to work in a variety of settings including boutique studios, large fitness facilities, PT offices, and out of a home studio. Comprehensive Pilates teacher training will also equip you with the tools you will need to work with the range of physical conditions and injuries that you will see when you start working in the real world.

WHO is the Teacher Trainer

  1. What level of experience and preparation does the Teacher Trainer of the program have? Where did they receive their training? How many years of real life teaching experience do they have? Is there any feedback available for you to review from their past students?

Do your research and find out as much as you can about the Teacher Trainer. Follow them on social media. Ask to speak with them. Even book a session with them, so you can get a feel for the person they are, their style of teaching, and the care and interest they show their clients. Will the Teacher Trainer be offering mentoring opportunities during the course of study? Are they readily available for questions and to offer their support? Find out!

WHAT STUDIO is offering the training

  1. Is the studio that is offering the Pilates teacher training program fully equipped, meaning does it have all the apparatus that you will be studying available for you to practice on personally and teach with?

  2. Does the studio offer plenty of opportunities during the week for you to come in to do your personal practice, observation hours, and practice teaching hours?

  3. Does the studio offer potential apprenticeship opportunities for you to receive real life teaching practice?

  4. What is the instructional team like? Are they welcoming and supportive? Do you have opportunities to interact with them and learn from them in addition to your teacher trainer?

HOW LARGE is the class

  1. Some programs of study are designed to accommodate large groups of students. Is that something you are comfortable with, or would you prefer a smaller more limited number of participants where you feel more comfortable asking questions and receiving the support you need? Smaller groups of students also allow for more individualized mentoring opportunities.


  1. Will the studio offer support after the course of study is completed in terms of continuing education opportunities, community, and job search?

To learn more about the upcoming launch of our Pilates Teacher Training Program in Long Beach, click here.


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