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Pilates For Spinal Stenosis

We are excited to share the story of our Member of the Month!

Kathy began her journey with Vero Pilates in May of 2020 when her daughter Beth, who is also a member of the studio, asked her to try it out. This was at the height of the COVID pandemic when everyone was being ordered to stay home. As a result of that, Kathy decided it was the perfect time to try out this new movement practice. Despite suffering from back pain, she chose to put her best foot forward and started her journey with a zoom mat class taught by the studio owner, Veronica.

To this day, Kathy continues to be very dedicated to her pilates practice and active in our studio community. She is in the studio regularly taking at least three semi-private Pilates sessions a week and her presence at studio events, workshops, and community classes shows that she is focused on improving her life and health as a whole.


When Kathy first started her Pilates practice, she mentioned that she wanted to become stronger, more flexible, and improve her posture. She also hoped to alleviate pain from spinal stenosis in her lumbar spine which she had been suffering from for approximately 10 years.


After two and half years of Pilates, Kathy is now stronger and more flexible. Her abdominals, arms and legs are much stronger. She is able to do a full body push-up on hands and toes. Tuning in to using her whole body to support her and not just her arms, she has learned this from Pilates. Also, now that the pain in her lumbar spine is “close to gone” (Kathy’s words) she is able to do swans on the reformer much better.

Kathy’s posture has improved as well. She is more aware of her posture on a day to day basis. She walks into the studio a little taller everyday with increased confidence, more energy, greater self-esteem, increased mood, and ready to learn!


Come the new year, Kathy has set a new goal for herself. Her new goal is to avoid further pain due to possible spinal stenosis from a herniated disc in her lumbar spine. She wants to strengthen her abdominal muscles more, hip flexors, and whatever else it takes to alleviate the pain.


If you are looking to join a warm and welcoming community where dedicated attention is given to each member, we invite you to book a FREE consultation call with our studio manager today!

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