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Pilates Can Help Relieve Your Low Back Pain

Pilates Can Help Relieve Your Low Back Pain

Fact: Not moving your body because you experience back pain is not the solution.

I know, it seems contradictory. Believe me, when I first started experiencing severe low back pain in my early 20’s I thought I needed to play it safe. I tried all the conventional solutions like lots of bed rest, high doses of anti-inflammatory medication, massage, and chiropractic care. And it helped…but only so much. I kept experiencing severe relapses to the point where I started wondering if I was going to be in chronic pain for the rest of my life.

Back pain makes you think you’ll never be able to enjoy moving your body freely again.

Yes, it’s true. I always considered myself an active and vibrant person. I loved sports. In high school I played basketball non-stop and throughout my college years I was a regular at the gym. Then I transitioned into my first office job and the reality of long commutes and sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours per day started setting in. Soon thereafter I started experiencing severe episodes of lumbago which is a fancy way of saying low pack pain that is so intense you can’t sit, bend, or basically do anything without being in pain to the point of getting “stuck” and quite literally not being able to move. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, you know exactly what I’m referring to.

So, what’s the real long term solution?

You guessed it – Pilates! It was my 72 year old colleague at the office who after many months of sharing her positive experiences, finally convinced me to go see her Pilates instructor. That first class was a complete game changer. I was still very limited in what I could do. I was also experiencing intense fear, thinking that if I did a “wrong” movement I was going to hurt myself. The class taught me however that the right type of movement with an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who was there to coach me and guide me, felt really good. I walked out of the class feeling uplifted, energized, and hopeful. I have never looked back. My regular Pilates practice became an integral part of my weekly schedule. The more I practiced, the stronger, more balanced, and more coordinated I felt. I finally felt like I was regaining control over my body! It was life changing.

Where do I start?

If you are experiencing low back pain, my recommendation is that you start with one on one sessions with a certified instructor. Our team of instructors at Vero Pilates are not only highly qualified, but also experienced in working with all sorts of spinal conditions and injuries. We will help you learn to tune in to your body and listen to what it can or can’t do on any given day. We will always work with you respectfully, figuring out when you need help slowing down and when you need a little push. We have helped dozens of clients recover from chronic pain. These clients are a walking testimony to the effectiveness of the Pilates Method in treating low back pain. To learn more about our clients’ personal experiences check out our Testimonials page.

We can’t wait to help you heal your back pain! Book a session with us today and experience the difference Pilates can make in your life.

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