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Pilates For Degenerative Discs and Arthritis

Our December 2022 Member of the Month, Jessie Santiago, first experienced Vero Pilates in a trial class. She had been battling chronic pain and illness and after just one class at Vero Pilates instantly felt an improvement. Being told that she had degenerated discs and arthritis, she decided to take matters in her own hands and sign up for a membership that allowed her to take 3 semi-private sessions per week. Jessie is an absolute joy and inspiration to have around - not only for the instructors - but for her classmates as well. She shows up to every session ready, full of enthusiasm and always with a smile. Even on the days her body doesn’t feel cooperative, she is open to modify and work through the temporary discomfort, knowing that she will only feel better after. Jessie shows lots of initiative and will often go home and practice movement sequences. She investigates how to improve her practice and get stronger, just so she can be more prepared for the next class.

Jessie is not only a talented hairstylist, but also a small business owner who cares immensely for her staff and community. This kind of compassion shines through in how she interacts with everyone she encounters: the instructors, other members and definitely her classmates whom she has grown close with. Jessie's progress is clearly visible and inspiring. We are beyond happy to have her in our studio community.

If you are looking for support in managing your chronic pain, sign up for a FREE consultation call today and let's get your body the help it needs.

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