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Oktoberfest & Pilates - A Vero Tradition!

On Friday, October 13, we pulled out our beer steins and hit the mat with our beloved German instructor Sabine who took us through a fun and engaging Oktoberfest themed mat class! Sabine loves sharing her culture and love of movement with our community. She educated us on the history of Oktoberfest as well as lots of fun facts!

Pilates with beer steins!

After a warm up session including dancing to German music, Sabine took the class through a Pilates mat workout using beer steins.

To round off class, the traditional stein holding competition was held. Two winners walked away with delicious handmade German cakes from Sabine. Yum!

Testing shoulder girdle strength with the stein holding competition

And of course, an Oktoberfest event would not be complete without German sausages and beer! The social hour after class offered a fun opportunity for members, trainees, and the team to mingle and connect.

Oktoberfest & Pilates social hour after class

For us at Vero Pilates, supporting your wellbeing extends beyond your regular workouts. It encompasses creating opportunities for joyful connection with others in our studio community. Why? Because the benefits of moving and laughing with others are endless! Research has shown how vital it is for us to spend time with friends. It literally lifts us up mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Join our studio and personally experience the benefits of a consistent Pilates practice within a fun and supportive community.

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