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I’m New To Pilates: How Do I Pick A Studio?

I’m New To Pilates: How Do I Pick A Studio?

Great question and one that I hear a lot. There are going to be several factors that you will want to take into consideration as you look for a Pilates studio in Long Beach. First you will want to consider what type of instruction you are looking for. Do you feel comfortable learning in larger group settings, or do prefer smaller semi-private group classes and private one-on-one instruction? Are you looking to practice Pilates as a duet with your partner or a friend?

Next and very importantly, you need to make sure that wherever you are going to practice Pilates, the instructors are fully certified. Experienced instructors who have knowledge and training working with special populations can be helpful if you are dealing with a chronic condition, recovering from an injury, or are suffering from some type of chronic pain. Instructors who perhaps have less experience but bring a tremendous amount of passion and enthusiasm to their teaching may be more appropriate for those looking for a fun group class to join or someone who will challenge them on an athletic level.

Once you have determined the type of instruction you are looking for, you need to figure out what kind of space you enjoy learning in. Do you like spaces where loud music is playing and multiple classes are being taught at once, or do prefer a more subdued space where the focus is on concentration and learning proper technique? Do you need natural light to feel inspired? Is hygiene important to you? The quality and maintenance of the equipment? The overall friendliness of the staff? The ease of booking? The sense of community?

And finally, you need to consider your budget. Once you know the type of experience you are looking for and the space you need to be in to feel inspired and healthy, consider how much you are willing to spend each week on your self-care program. Pilates is one of the pricier fitness modalities available on the market, but it’s for very specific reasons (topic for another blog!).

So if you’re not quite sure where you’d like to practice Pilates in Long Beach, you take some time to visit different studios. Yes, literally book an intro session at a few locations. Believe me, when you find the space for you, you’ll know it.

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