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Pilates Supports Moms – Nisha Varghese

As a newcomer to Pilates, our studio member Nisha Varghese has already started reaping the benefits of a consistent Pilates practice in her life. Read on to find out more!

How old are your kids? How busy are they between school and activities?

I have a 9-year-old daughter. She has just returned to in person school after being home for 18 months. She keeps me pretty busy between school, piano, tennis lessons, pre-comp swimming, and Girl Scouts.

What does your daily juggle look like between home/kids/work/life?

Managing schedules is challenging. Between working full-time, managing my daughter’s activities, helping with elderly parents, and keeping up with every day needs is a lot. My days usually start at 6am and end around 11pm.

When did you start practicing Pilates? And what goals were you specifically looking for support with?

I only started Pilates about 2 months ago. I started because I need a low-impact form of exercise due to chronic pain issues. In addition, I was just feeling stressed and tired.

How has a consistent Pilates practice supported you in your role as a mother? And especially during the pandemic?

Pilates has really increased my energy levels throughout my daily life. With so much to juggle, it is easy to feel exhausted and Pilates has helped with that. I have chronic pain due to scoliosis and Pilates has helped me gain and grow core strength. My Pilates sessions provides me a full body workout strengthens my entire body, hitting many areas at once in very little time. By managing my pain and energy levels, I can be more productive and be a better mom.

Would you recommend Pilates for other mothers as part of their health & wellness routine?

I would recommend Pilates to other moms. With kids, it often seems like that your schedule is feels less and less flexible. Pilates is a great way to get in a full body workout that isn’t too demanding and feel really energized and accomplished afterwards. Pilates has also helped me with stress management. During my time in the studio, I can focus on myself and calm my mind. It helps me face my day in a better mood and rather than feeling frazzled as so many moms feel.

Are you ready to start feeling energized, strong, and more present?

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