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We help our members heal from pain, regain their strength, and gain back their self-confidence. 

LIVE BETTER with Vero Pilates

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Reduce, manage, and in some cases even heal from chronic pain

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One size does NOT fit all. You are unique. Your body, your history, your needs, and your goals are unique to you. 


At Vero Pilates we believe that happy, healthy, strong, and centered people contribute to happier and healthier communities.


At Vero Pilates we are proud to offer:

At Vero Pilates We Are Proud To Offer

Private Pilates Long Beach

Inspiring coaching from our expert team of comprehensively certified instructors.

Duet Pilates Long Beach

Individualized programming and scheduling designed to meet your personal needs.

Pilates Community Long Beach

Positive and uplifting community.

Live your BEST life with Pilates

Heal from pain and discover strength, control, and power unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

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Getting Started is Simple!

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Book a FREE consultation call

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Sign up for our 90 min

Intro & Evaluation Session 

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Together create a schedule and program that meets your needs & goals

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Follow along as our Senior Instructor guides you through a 15 min  foundational Pilates mat workout.


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