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Pilates Mat Exercises Make You Stronger!

At the core of the Pilates Method are the 31 Pilates mat exercises of the mat repertoire created by Joseph Pilates. The mat exercises are the foundation of the method and inform all the exercises done on the equipment.

As the base of the Pilates Method, the mat exercises help you become stronger, more centered, and more grounded. Why? Because when you have to execute a movement pattern without the assistance of spring resistance like on equipment, it requires you to have to tap into your own deep core strength, balance, stability, and flexibility.

Springs support and guide us through our exercises. Having to accomplish these exercises without that support forces you to have to create your own support mechanisms internally.

The Pilates equipment also provides a framework of reference points to know where we are in space at every moment. The footbar on the Reformer gives you a point of contact as do the shoulder rests, and the head rest. The Tower itself gives your brain information as do the raised mats.

When practicing the Pilates mat exercises however you have to use your own sense of proprioception to know where your body is in space.

For example, if you are in a quadruped position, do you know where your right hip bone is in comparison to your left? Are they level, or is one higher/lower than the other? Where is your head positioned? Are you drooping or arching your neck? You can see how challenging it can be to constantly scan your body to ensure proper form.

A solid grasp of the Pilates mat exercises will help you become stronger and more confident when using the equipment.

In March we will be joining the worldwide MATness movement and exploring the Pilates mat exercises during our sessions with members. Look forward to a challenging and fun month ahead!

If you are ready to take a deep dive into what a consistent Pilates practice can do for your body, book a FREE consultation call today and let's talk!

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