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Pilates Helps Runner Build Leg Strength and Stay Injury Free

Our member of the month, Taylor Kayse, joined Vero in May 2021 and has been consistently taking 3 private sessions per week.

As a complete Pilates newbie, Taylor came with the intention to get in overall better shape and feel stronger. She wanted to gain more leg strength to be able to run without knee pain.

After establishing efficient and intentional movement patterns in the beginning, she added more specific goals: being able to master full-body integration exercises that are more complex and weight bearing, increase body awareness and working on balance and cardio elements.

Her progress has been a pleasure to watch. Her attention to detail when executing each exercise shows that she has internalized and is applying all the corrections she has received over time.

She has gained considerable strength, mobility and stamina as a result. Taylor lights up the room when she enters the studio and is a huge part of what makes the Vero community so special. We absolutely love having Taylor in our studio community!

Private Pilates using the tower
Pilates helps keep this runner enjoying her passion!

Pilates using the tower
Pilates on the tower for added strength

Studio member with Pilates instructor
Taylor with her instructor Sabine James

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