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"How Breath Becomes Movement" Workshop

“Above all else, learn to breathe correctly.” -Joseph Pilates

On Saturday, May 20, from 10:00 am - 11:30 am, our senior instructor Andrea Smith will take a group of 15 participants through a deep dive into the power of the breath.

We all know that breathing is important in Pilates, but do you know exactly why? Do you know that the way we breathe directly affects our ability to engage the abdominal muscles?

For example, exhaling like you’re blowing out a candle will fire up a few muscles for a short burst of power, but it doesn’t last long. Exhaling like you're fogging up a mirror, however, will engage more muscles for a longer period of time, thus giving you full access and control over the powerhouse muscles of the core. Learning to breathe more fully and intentionally will undoubtedly improve this connection, leading to better results.

Breathing not only has physical benefits, but mental benefits as well. It promotes awareness, focus and concentration. It can also calm anxiety and relieve stress. Proper breathing can even help prevent injury and disease by improving body mechanics.

Learning to harness the natural power of the breath will ensure you get the most out of your Pilates practice.

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