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Finding A Pilates Studio In Long Beach That’s Right For You

Most people have a favorite coffee shop, nail salon, hair salon, and mechanic. What are the factors that makes us pick one place for a certain service and declare from then on that it’s ‘our favorite’? And how do those same factors play in to our choice of a Pilates studio for our personal practice?

Professionalism at a Pilates Studio

The first thing we all want to feel when we call to book an appointment, or walk into a space to make a purchase is that we are being treated respectfully and professionally. We want to be reassured that the establishment we are choosing to visit has done its due diligence in hiring professionals who are qualified, experienced, and who genuinely care about the service they offer.

The same is true when finding a Pilates studio. From the first moment you reach out to a Pilates studio whether it be via their online booking system, email, or phone call, you should expect respectful and punctual communication. You should also be able to access sufficient information via the studio’s website to determine the professional background and qualifications of the instructors on the team.

A Pilates studio that prides itself on taking a professional approach with all its clients will also take the time to speak with you to find out what your individual needs and goals are. They will also review your intake form with you to ensure they understand any health conditions or medical restrictions you may have.

Core Values of a Pilates Studio

Every person wants to feel seen, respected, and valued and that is precisely how you should feel from the first contact you have with a Pilates studio. You should walk into a space feeling warmly welcomed by all the team members. You should feel treated with respect and kindness and all team members should display patience as you adjust to the routine of visiting the studio and following policies and procedures unique to their space.

Physical Space of a Pilates Studio

Have you ever walked into a dirty, disorganized, and run down mechanic shop and decided to turn right back around and take your car elsewhere for servicing? When looking for a Pilates studio that is right for you, you also need to take into consideration the physical space and presentation. Is the studio known for adhering to a strict hygiene policy? Is the hygiene policy clearly stated on the website and communicated to all patrons? When you walk in do you see a clean organized space or do items seem left out and about without clearly designated storage spaces? Is the bathroom clean and well stocked with supplies? All these factors play a role in putting you at ease in your Pilates practice.

Community of a Pilates Studio

There’s a studio for everyone. Different studio spaces attract different individuals. It’s important to find a studio where you enjoy the general vibe and culture of the space. In our day and age we often find community and friendships through locations we frequent, including our Pilates studio. Look for a space that makes you feel at ease from the first moment you connect with it and chances are you will have found your “Pilates home”.

We would love to be your Pilates home! Give us a call today 562 477 9650. We’d love to speak with you.

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