The Team

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  • Andrea Smith

  • Sabine James

  • Steven Zarzecki

  • Veronica Colwell

Andrea Smith

Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Certification: BASI
Year I started practicing Pilates: 1999
Year I started teaching Pilates: 2005
I’m passionate about: Moving with the rhythm, power and ease of the breath.
What I love to do in my free time: Dance in the kitchen with my 2 year old daughter Brooklyn.

Sabine James

Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Certification: Long Beach Dance Conditioning
Year I started practicing Pilates: 1995
Year I started teaching Pilates: 2002
I’m passionate about: 
-giving my clients the tools to apply the Pilates principles in life (outside of class)
-watching my clients take on challenges that are outside of their comfort zone and seeing the inevitable results
-seeing the progress made over an extended amount of time
-creating a positive and fun environment
-being part of many lifelong friendships made in my classes
What I love to do in my free time: Traveling, reading, cappuccinos, hiking, baking, and rollerblading.

Steven Zarzecki

Certified Instructor & Studio Manager

Pilates Certification: Kane School
Year I started practicing Pilates: 2007
Year I started teaching Pilates: 2015
I’m passionate about: Collaborating with clients to discover and explore new choices and possibilities for movement.
What I love to do in my free time: As a NYC and Chicago expat exploring Southern California is keeping me busy.

Veronica Colwell

Certified Instructor & Studio Owner

Pilates Certification: Pilates Wellness & Energy (Madrid, Spain)
Year I started practicing Pilates: 2006
Year I started teaching Pilates: 2009
I’m passionate about: Helping my clients create a connection and healthy relationship with their bodies. As an instructor I feel that there is nothing as thrilling as seeing a client overcome personal movement challenges and conquer their fears!
What I love to do in my free time: Spending time with family and friends bring joy to my life, but I also love retreating into solitude and re-energizing and reinvigorating myself with a good hike out in nature or quiet reading time with a good book.

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