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Celebrating The Progress You’ve Made With Your Pilates Practice

I won’t say it’s always an easy exercise. Looking back can sometimes be a painful experience. At times it reminds us of experiences and situations we would rather leave buried in our distant memory. However there are times when looking back can be really beneficial. It can remind us of how far we’ve come, what we’ve accomplished, and how much we’ve grown.

The beginning of my Pilates journey

This is true of my Pilates journey. When I look back all the way to the start, I see a 25 year old young woman in pain. The pain was so debilitating that at it’s worst I couldn’t sit for longer than five minutes at a time and driving was completely out of the question. I see myself struggling with wanting to achieve so much and explore the world around me and yet feeling stuck because I felt like my body had given up on me. I felt completely out of control and synch with my body, confused, and at a loss as to how to find my way back.

Then I was introduced to the Pilates Method. It was a life-changing experience from day 1. Suddenly a glimmer of hope entered my mind, the idea that with help, guidance, and a consistent practice, I’d be able to conquer my challenges and work my way out of pain. It wasn’t that I accomplished a whole lot on that first visit. In fact, most of the visit was spent exploring very basic forms of movement as well as connecting with my breath, but when the session was over I felt more at peace, calmer, stronger, and more at ease than I had felt in years.

What was your beginning?

When you look back at your Pilates journey, what do you see? What do you feel? Where were you when you first started your regular practice? Were you taking pain medication or muscle relaxants to make it through the day? Were you visiting one therapist after another, willing to try anything that promised to make the pain go away? Or were you stuck in a seemingly endless routine of visiting your physical therapist without truly feeling any significant improvement in your rehab journey?

Where are you today?

Where are you today after practicing Pilates consistently with the guidance and support of your experienced and expert instructor? What goals have you reached? What accomplishments have you celebrated? Maybe you finally managed to sleep through the night. Perhaps you got up out of bed in the morning without feeling like you were already in pain. Perhaps you healed up from your shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, or foot surgery and now you’ve returned to your beloved activities like jogging, surfing, golfing, cycling, or swimming. Perhaps you’ve improved your strength and energy levels, so that now you can face your day with confidence and vitality. You’re no longer afraid to speak up for your needs and set healthy boundaries surrounding your health and wellness.

Your accomplishments matter

Don’t ever think that any one of these accomplishments is “too little” to mention or celebrate. They’re not! Any positive change you’ve experienced that now allows you to enjoy more quality of life MATTERS! So if you have some time off over the next week, please, take a moment to look back and give yourself a pat on the back for everything you’ve accomplished and road you’ve traveled. We’re proud of you and we can’t wait to celebrate more wins with you in the new year!

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