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A Private Pilates Practice For Quality of Life

Meet Studio Member Michael U.


Our studio member Michael started his private Pilates practice with Vero Pilates in 2020 with the goal of improving his quality of life and getting in better shape.

Michael was noticing himself slowing down as he was getting older and really wanted to maintain his mobility, strength, and energy as he aged. He also wanted to be able to enjoy playing with his young son and get down on the floor with him for playtime without feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

Improvements/ Results

Pilates has helped Michael develop his awareness of where his limitations are and where he needs to focus on improving. He mentions feeling inspired to take more ownership of his wellbeing and health.

In terms of improvements he has gained from his Pilates practice, Michael mentions feeling increasingly motivated to come in consistently for his sessions, feeling more flexible, and having better body awareness.

A more recent experience reminded Michael of the value of his consistent Pilates practice. For a few weeks he had missed his regular weekly session and found himself experiencing nagging knee pain that wouldn’t go away. After his first private session back with his instructor Andrea @thepilatessmith his knee pain subsided and he’s been feeling great ever since! (Yes, Pilates is THAT cool!)

Why Vero Pilates

Michael appreciates that Vero Pilates is conveniently located close to his home. He also feels that the team at Vero is personable, kind, knowledgeable, and always inspirational in motivating clients to keep improving their health!

We appreciate having Michael and his lovely wife Erin in our studio community!

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