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A Long Beach Pilates Community That Welcomes YOU!

Meet our studio member Beta Ealy

Why did you join Vero Pilates?

Beta joined Vero Pilates in January 2020. She mentioned that she enjoyed reading our excellent online reviews and appreciated the convenient location. She appreciated the safety and health measures the studio was implementing to prevent the spread of Covid. It was also the beginning of a new year, and she felt ready for a fresh start!

On her wish list was finding an instructor who would push her, but also inspire her and provide proper coaching to keep her safe during her workouts. She was happy to connect with team member Sabine and dove right into a 4x weekly Pilates practice!

What benefits has your Pilates practice brought to you?

Beta mentions that coming to the studio often is easy because she enjoys the high quality of instruction as well as the group rapport that is created in the semi-private training program. She felt very welcomed from the first moment as well as supported as a newcomer to Pilates.

Personally Beta also feels that she has benefited from her Pilates practice by decreasing (and almost eliminating!) her chronic hip pain. She feels stronger in general and is sleeping much better nowadays. She’s gained a sense of control and understanding of her body and its mechanics.

Beta appreciates that everything she learns in class can be applied to everyday life as well as other forms of exercise that she enjoys. She feels grateful for the understanding she has gained of her body.

We are so happy to have you in our community, Beta!

If you want to join a Pilates community where you can feel warmly welcomed at any age and with any level of ability, then schedule a FREE consultation with us!

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