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Sticking to your Pilates routine in Long Beach

The value of routines

Our lives are made up of routines. We have work routines, school routines, meal routines, coffee routines, social routines, AND we have movement routines like our Pilates routine. Routines help create predictability in our lives. They give us a sense of direction, rhythm, grounding. Routines also give us a sense of comfort. They often contribute to helping us feel safe.

Routines in 2020

Let’s be real. 2020 has kicked our butts in terms of trying to maintain and or create any form of routines for ourselves. Schooling for our kids is all over the map. For many of us the way we work has shifted dramatically. Trying to juggle all the responsibilities while still maintaining some sense of normalcy has been near impossible at times. And while life’s waves seems to be pushing us all over the place,  the deepest part of us keeps begging for some type of routine to appear in our schedules, so we can finally feel settled and somewhat “normal”.

What you CAN do to establish your Pilates routine

It’s complicated. There’s no way around it. Schedules are going to look extremely different from one household to another. However, one important routine that we cannot afford to let slip is our movement routine. As a Pilates instructor who personally discovered the method while dealing with another crazy time in my life, I have come to experience the sheer power of sticking to a regular Pilates routine. It has legit kept me sane through some of life’s most difficult losses and challenges.

I have rarely, if ever, allowed anything to get between me and my Pilates routine. It’s vital to my physical wellbeing. I struggle with a tight back and hips and without my consistent and regular Pilates practice I look more like a robot walking than a healthy 39 year old woman! My Pilates routine is also vital to my mental wellbeing. Breath work is a technique that is world renowned for helping to calm the central nervous system and with Pilates’ focus on breathing throughout the workout, I always manage to find a sense of relief and solace by the end of my workout. My Pilates routine helps me focus my mind, calm my nerves, feel grounded, generate strength from the inside out, and feel confident through life’s many trials. I absolutely cannot go without it! And I’m here to tell you that neither should you!

Next steps to set up your Pilates routine

If like me you need accountability to show up for your workouts, then please do yourself a favor and find a Pilates studio that makes you feel at home, welcome, and happy. At our studio we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients who have chosen to stick with us during this pandemic whether virtually or in-person all have commented on the benefits of not losing their Pilates routine. They all concur that feeling connected to their instructor, their group partners (in the case of semi-private training), and the community at large has helped keep them stay motivated to look after their wellbeing. They are all STRONGER and HEALTHIER than when this pandemic hit us. You can feel the same way!

Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation today. You won’t regret it!

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