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Pilates Will Improve Your Balance

A consistent Pilates practice will improve your balance. I know you’re wondering, “How? Isn’t Pilates practiced lying down on a mat?” Nope! The Pilates repertoire covers so much more than mat exercises done lying down on your back. A well taught Pilates sessions should make you feel like you’ve worked from head to toe every time. You should also feel like you’ve worked back and front, your sides, as well rotation. Moving through ALL the planes is one of Pilates’ secret weapons! Read on to find out how that directly impacts your balance.

Strengthening your core impacts your balance

Really? YES! Remember that your core includes way more than just your abdominal muscles (READ MORE HERE). Your core also includes your inner thigh and hip muscles, pelvic floor, spinal muscles, etc. When you strengthen all these muscle chains, it directly influences the way you distribute your weight when standing. When you are able to on a practical level engage these deep muscles when standing, walking, and climbing, you will notice your balance improving significantly.

Strengthening your extensors impacts your balance

Raise your hand if you tend to slouch and hunch over! Me too :o) It is the curse of modern living. We all experience it every day, even our little ones. How do we counteract all the slouching? By working our back bodies which includes our extensors. This means that we have to work not only our back extensors, but also our hip extensors! They are all important. How does that improve your balance? Again – it’s all about the distribution of weight when you are in standing. Do you lean heavily forwards or towards one side? Yep, I thought so. But when you have a strong back body that helps you hold yourself erect you are in a better position to work against gravity.

Standing Pilates work is amazing for your balance

Last but not least, there is a tremendous amount of Pilates exercises that are performed in standing – arm work, leg work, specific balance related exercises. All of them are important to weave into a fully rounded out practice. The fact is that we don’t face life lying down on a mat. We face life standing up! Tall, strong, confident! At the end of your Pilates practice you should feel that you have the power to support your body against gravity physically and metaphorically speaking.

Do you need to work on your balance? Do you need help finding that self-confidence in your body again? A consistent Pilates practice can do wonders! Why not schedule a FREE consultation with us and find out how Pilates can improve your life starting today!

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