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Pilates Supports Moms – Roberta Jeannette

Find out how local Long Beach mom Roberta Jeannette juggles work and home life while making time for her self-care needs, especially Pilates!

How old are your kids? How busy are they between school and activities?

I have 2 boys – 18 and a freshman in college, and 14 a freshman at Wilson.  I feel as though they’re crazy busy, but that could be because we’ve just come off of ‘the year of doing nothing’.  When school went back in April, my boys stayed online, but all the other activities happened, like lacrosse and graduation.  And my older was working 12 hours a week.  They’re able to handle their own schedules, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t track them in my own head.

What does your daily juggle look like between home/kids/work/life?

I still work a 30 – 35 hour office job. And with my younger starting High School, I have a feeling I’ll be carting him around – between marching band and lacrosse practice.  I’ll be free from 8am-3-ish, but on call after that, depending on activities and Doctor appointments.  This schedule makes it easier to get two pilates sessions in a week.  And the fact that my husband and I own the company, I can set my own hours.

When did you start practicing Pilates? And what goals were you specifically looking for support with?

January 2, 2012. It was a new year’s resolution and a coupon? I think? I was hoping to get toned, and develop some muscle mass.  Osteoporosis and other “aging” issues were on my mind.

How has a consistent Pilates practice supported you in your role as a mother?

It gives me an excuse to take time for myself.  Although, but I’ve never been one to not take time for myself. I think of it for my health – physically and mentally.  If mom isn’t healthy, the family is going to suffer. And frankly, I don’t like taking care of people if I’m not feeling good. My mood is better after a pilates session.

Would you recommend Pilates for other mothers as part of their health & wellness routine?

Of course! But I realize it’s not for everyone – it’s slow and a mind game…you can’t really zone out while doing it. And truly, results happen subtly. It’s not a “weight loss” regimen, but more of a maintenance workout.  It’s a body awareness exercise.

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