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Pilates Is The Antidote To Exercise Monotony And Boredom

Are you bored of your exercise routine? You might be surprised to hear that Pilates could be the solution you need!

Yesterday I spoke with two separate inquiries who both brought up how they have been feeling bored and unmotivated with their workout routines. There are aspects of their regular workouts that they enjoy, but over all they have found themselves feeling disinterested and lacking motivation because they are not feeling inspired or challenged. Over the years I have often had this conversation with people looking into Pilates as a new exercise routine. Here’s why I know they are on the right path.

Pilates challenges you physically and mentally

Joseph Pilates famously said, “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” What this means on a practical level is that in order to execute the different exercises in the Pilates repertoire, your mind must be involved. It is not a practice that can be done haphazardly or distractedly. It requires focus and concentration in order to obtain precise movements and ultimately maximum results.

Pilates helps you be mentally alert

As modern humans we are so accustomed to being distracted at every minute that it is often difficult to teach ourselves to focus. When practicing Pilates everything from the awareness of your breath, to your awareness of your alignment, and where your body is in space enhances your ability to concentrate. In turn, this ability to focus during your session helps you find ease and grace in your daily movements as you become increasingly aware of your body in space, something referred to as “proprioception”.

Pilates helps relieve mental stress

Being entirely engaged and focused on your practice when you are at your workout helps relieve tremendous amounts of mental stress as well. When you are fully engaged in the work at hand, your mind has vey little time to wander off to your “to do” list or the errands you need to run, or the projects you are working on. The present, the here and now, becomes so important and valuable that you find yourself feeling more fully present, aware, and joyful by the end of your session. It’s an absolutely liberating feeling!

If your routine has you feeling bored, give Pilates a try. You won’t regret it!

From years of experience I can confidently say that scores of clients have found their Pilates practice invigorating and uplifting and ALWAYS challenging. If you are looking to step it up and move beyond your comfort zone in the best of ways, Pilates is for you. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We can’t wait to show you how Pilates can support you!

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