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Pilates in a COVID Safe Environment

It’s on your mind as much as it’s on mine

We’re so happy to see the massive vaccination efforts being carried out around the country, but we know that the concerns regarding the spread of COVID are still very real. As you look for a studio to either start or return to your Pilates practice, here are some things you should be looking for in terms of safety practices.

Following Health Guidelines

Every city has issued health guidelines for businesses in every sector. The expectation is that these guidelines are posted in the space and that adequate steps are being taken to follow the guidelines. In the City of Long Beach, this includes requiring that all patrons and employees wear masks at all times. As specific guidelines have not yet been issued regarding the interaction between individuals who are fully vaccinated in a public setting, we are choosing to adhere to the safer option of continuing to require mask wearing from everyone who visits our space until further guidance is issued by the CDC and our Health Department.

Social distancing is another requirement that we take very seriously. We have reconfigured our studio equipment layout to create separate stations that are spaced out more than six feet apart. Visitors and staff are able to maintain appropriate space at all times.

Hygiene Policy

Does the space you are considering have a clearly stated hygiene policy and what does it include? In our studio we now require that all members bring their personal pilates loops to class rather than having communal loops available. We also require the use of grip socks at all times both for hygiene and safety reasons.

Cleaning Protocol

During the pandemic we implemented an additional 15 min window into our schedule between all visits to allow for proper ventilation of our space as well as adequate time to do a proper in depth cleaning and disinfection of equipment as well as all high frequency touch surfaces. Though this added time means readjusting our schedule and investing more funds, your health and safety is our priority and we are more than willing to go the extra mile to keep you and our team safe.

Go Where You Feel Safe

It’s not a time to take unnecessary risks with your health. Our recommendation is seeking out a space where your health and safety are considered a priority and corners aren’t being cut to save on cost or in the name of efficiency. We feel very confident about the steps we are taking as a studio to keep everyone safe. Schedule a free consultation with us and come feel the difference.

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