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Pilates Helps A Stressed Teacher

Low Back Pain & Stress

Low back pain and stress were wreaking havoc on the quality of life of our Member of the Month, Sarah Choe.

Sarah decided that she was ready to try a new movement practice to find a solution to her challenges. She had tried other movement modalities in the past but never managed to stick to a program consistently. As a hard working teacher, Sarah spends many hours on her feet and deals with high levels of stress. As a result she was regularly experiencing lower back pain and discomfort. Tired of dealing with the pain, she decided it was time to strengthen her core and build over all body strength.

Getting Consistent With Her Pilates Practice

Sarah joined Vero Pilates at the end of January of this year and after taking our New Member Journey, she knew this was the movement practice she had been waiting to discover – she fell in love with Pilates! In an effort to experience meaningful progress towards her goal, Sarah committed to taking 3 consistent private sessions every week for at least 6 months.

So Much Progress!

Sarah’s progress has been incredible! In preparing this article, Sarah mentioned being able to go through daily life and walk without experiencing lower back pain anymore! One of her specific movement goals was also to do a full body plank. After only THREE MONTHS of consistent practice, Sarah is now able to perform a full body plank not only on the mat, but also using just one red spring on the reformer with her knees off and elbows on the short box (see opening image). She is able to do 6 strong reps and is working towards a full set of 10 reps!

Celebrating Wins & Setting New Goals!

Her instructor Caylen mentioned that she is very proud to see Sarah’s increased flexibility. She has also noticed visibly less tension in the shoulders and low back. We are so happy to hear that Sarah also feels like she has more energy for work and has reduced her stress levels!

We couldn’t be happier about the progress Sarah has made and can’t wait to celebrate many more milestones in the future!

Looking for this type of support & accountability? Book a FREE consultation call with us. We’d love to speak with you.

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