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Pilates For Walking, Jogging, And Running Better!

Pilates Can Support You With Getting Back to Walking, Jogging, and Running

Over the years we have worked with many clients who have been through all sorts of knee surgeries as well as full replacements. We understand that the journey back to your usual activities may take some time and have its highs and lows. Here is how Pilates can support you as you heal and work towards getting back to your activities.

Pilates Will Help You With Your Alignment

So often a lot of our issues begin due to alignment issues. These can come from a variety of root causes. Perhaps it’s an issue of foot and ankle alignment. Perhaps it’s a hip alignment issue. Perhaps it’s knee alignment. Wherever it may be stemming from, an experienced instructor will be able to observe your unique movement patterns and give you exercises that will help you correct any imbalances. No one is perfectly aligned. That simply doesn’t exist. However, with the help of Pilates we can help minimize any extreme misalignments that may be happening that could be causing stress to our joints and connective tissue. Pilates has a wealth of exercises in its repertoire that can help you prepare for being in vertical and under the effect of gravity.

Pilates Will Help You Strengthen Your Core

What does the core have to do with walking, jugging, and running? A lot! If you haven’t read our previous blog about strengthening your core with Pilates, I recommend you check it out. The core is a complex structure that integrates everything from your pelvic floor, to your transverse abdomen, your diaphragm, and your multifidus among many others. The entire structure of the core is integral in supporting your body against gravity and helping you not “sink” in to your joints, but rather have the strengthen to lift and lengthen up and out of your hips. Having a strong core also includes strengthening your oblique muscles that help you obtain optimal cross body movement as you walk, jog, and run. This creates a really healthy experience for your entire body and very importantly, your spine!

Pilates Is The Perfect Complement To Your Physical Therapy Treatment

If you are coming out of surgery, be sure to take advantage of any Physical Therapy support you are given. Once you start your journey to healing, consider adding a consistent Pilates practice with an experienced and expert instructor into your routine. You won’t regret it. If you are looking for a local Pilates studio in Long Beach with a track record of supporting members with these types of issues, then book a FREE consultation with us today. We would love to connect with you!

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