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Pilates And Stress Management

A regular Pilates practice will help you manage stress better – here’s why.

I have often heard from new clients looking into Pilates that they’re “over” their traditional gym workouts that leave them feeling exhausted and worn out. Many have spent years running to the gym either before or after their work day and instead of finding an uplifting environment where they can renew their energy and vitality, have often found that their gym routine has just added to their stress levels. One more thing to do. One more thing I don’t feel successful at. One more person “yelling” at me. Have you ever felt that way? Then you’re not alone!

The value of breath work in Pilates

A fully rounded practice of the Pilates Method includes an emphasis on breath work, more specifically intercostal breathing. This means that the focus is on breathing into the ribs and fully inhaling and exhaling. Breath patterns are woven into every movement choreography. Conscious breathing helps lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels as well as support digestion. Working with breath also allows for activation of deep core muscles and helps release and strengthen muscles in the mid and upper back region.

How finding flow in Pilates will help you manage your stress

One of the core principle of the Pilates Method is “flow”. This refers to how one movement naturally feeds into the next to create a unified workout where each movement layers on top of the next and transitions help optimize the efficiency of each exercise while letting the mind settle into a rhythm of movement. This state of flow allows helps you surrender to the workout and focus on the work at hand, forgetting your mental checklist. It’s about being present in the here and the now.

Pilates helps you connect with other people in your community

Attending regular sessions at your studio will help you create a bond with others in your community. Even if it’s just a “hello” or a smile, the sense of connection is real and can help ground us in our daily lives. Not to mention the connections created between instructors and their clients. Instructors who take pride in their work help keep clients accountable for their routine. They check in with their clients to make sure they are getting the most out of their sessions and work with them to assure that they are reaching their goals. Instructors who show this type of care in their work help their clients feel seen and heard, a valuable benefit from showing up to your Pilates sessions.

Yes, Pilates CAN be an incredibly useful tool in helping you manage your stress levels. Want to feel what Pilates can do for you? Why not book a FREE consultation with our studio. We would love to introduce you to the life changing benefits of Pilates..

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