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Long Beach Pilates Client Spotlight: Beth Bucko

How often do you practice Pilates weekly? 

As often as I can! I began taking two classes per week with Sabine & soon added a third. I’ve often picked up a fourth day when spots are available. I supplement with a video at home for days without a Vero class. At some point, Sabine convinced me to try her Wünderball class, and even though I’m not naturally coordinated, practice pays off. I soon began regularly taking it twice a week, along with the monthly masterclass. Currently, I’m taking five classes a week (including Vero’s community class) virtually, plus Wünderball in the park.

What benefits have you received by regularly practicing Pilates? 

My strength and balance have greatly improved over the years and continue to do so. Pilates has also increased my awareness of my posture and body alignment while I work on the computer all day. As a mom and small business owner much of my time is spent focusing on others, so Pilates is a time to focus on myself. The sense of community and friendship among Vero instructors and clients is an added bonus 🙂

What has been your experience taking Pilates at Vero Pilates in person as well as virtually?

Pilates at Vero Pilates is always challenging, but always fun! I love using all the equipment at the studio and miss it. However, since March I have learned about the endless number of ways to use props, I especially enjoy the magic circle and the blue ball. The experience of in person vs virtual workouts is equivalent to the effort you put into it. I know my practice has continued to improve during this virtual time and I look forward to seeing how that translates to the equipment once the studio reopens.

Do you think others should be practicing Pilates, and if so, why? 

I definitely think others should be practicing Pilates. I strongly feel that Pilates has immediate effects of decreasing stress while increasing strength, balance, and awareness of proper posture and alignment. I honestly believe that regularly practicing Pilates not only helps me now, but is an investment in my future health. A few months ago I encouraged my mom to try the community class. Now she regularly takes it along with two other classes each week- she says she feels stronger already!


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