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Introduction to Pilates in Long Beach

“Why should I take introductory Pilates sessions before starting a regular program?”

Occasionally we get inquiries who ask us this very valid question. The short answer is, “We recommend taking introductory Pilates sessions with us because we don’t know you yet.”

Every person has a unique movement background and story. The way you’ve lived your life until now – the activities you’ve engaged in, the sports you’ve played, your injuries and surgeries, your job, your health history – it all plays a part in how your body expresses itself in movement today.

“Can’t I just show up for class?”

But you may wonder, “Why is it important for you to know all of that? Can’t I just show up to a class and do the exercises?” Pilates is a movement practice, not a random collection of exercises taught to a choreography. There is purpose and meaning behind every movement we cue in a session and the goal is always to help you advance towards your goals. We want you to learn how to move mindfully from the inside out with consciousness of how one movement pattern flows into the next.

You may be completely new to Pilates

Another factor that comes into play is that you may either be completely new to Pilates, or you may have practiced Pilates on a mat and/or a reformer, but may not have been introduced to all the equipment we use at Vero Pilates. We are what is referred to as a “fully equipped studio”. This means that in addition to mats and reformers, we also have a Cadillac, Wall Units, a Ladder Barrel, and Wunda Chairs, in addition to a wide variety of props.

In addition to being introduced to the safe use of the equipment in the studio, we also take the time to introduce you to basic concepts, cues, and exercises that you will be hearing a lot during your sessions. It takes time to make sure that you are understanding the cues we are giving you and that you can move safely on your own on the equipment.

New Member Journey at Vero Pilates

For these reasons, we created the New Member Journey which is an introductory Pilates series that includes three 50 min private sessions. As you take this introductory series, we are able to observe your body in movement and hear your feedback which helps us make a proper evaluation of your individual needs. It also helps us partner with you to set appropriate goals moving forward. With this thorough evaluation we are better able to recommend a program and schedule that will fit your needs.

If you want to know more about our New Member Journey, please fill in the request form for a FREE consultation call and our manager will get in touch with you to help answer your questions. We can’t wait to meet you!

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