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How To Beat The Monday Blues With Pilates

We’ve all been there. Sunday we’re planning for and thinking about the week ahead and we have a million ideas of what we want to accomplish including what workouts we’re going to do. Then… Monday morning happens. Sometimes regardless of how motivated we felt just the day before, the start of the week seems to derail our good intentions. How can Pilates help?

Pilates re-energizes

Unlike other exercise modalities, the combination of breathwork with focused movement has an incredible way of revitalizing the mind and body. Yes, the movements require concentration and endurance but not in a way that wipes you out. Rather you literally finish a Pilates class with more energy than when you first started!

Pilates always includes active stretching

I’ve often thought of a Pilates workout kind of like the unraveling of a flower into a beautiful blossom. You have to admit that it’s a more appealing thought than envisioning our bodies like a giant knot ;o) Either way, a well balanced Pilates routine always includes moments of active stretching. Your body gets a chance to work out any kinks that may be causing discomfort and find a looser happier place.

Pilates helps you stand taller

With its intrinsic postural work woven into every exercise, Pilates helps you literally organize your body better in space. As you strengthen your shoulder girdle you will notice your shoulders and neck finding a more balanced position as you release unnecessary tension. And as you find more power in your center, you will feel yourself naturally sitting up and standing taller throughout your day. This feeling naturally translates into facing life head on with more energy, confidence, and vitality.

Ready to feel how Pilates can help you face life with more confidence and zest? Sign up today to and schedule a free consultation.

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