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Everyone Needs Accountability In Their Pilates Practice

When was the last time you did this?

“I’ll start on Monday.” “I’ll start once it’s sunnier.” “I’ll start once it’s cooler.” “I’ll start once my schedule changes.” And a LONG list of ETCs… Yep, we’ve all been there. Listen, life is complicated, period. Schedules are jam packed from morning to evening it seems with checklists and to-dos and responsibilities. We all have to deal with reality. We have to make a living, pay bills, look after our homes, look after our families, pets, and so much more, but how come some people, despite all their responsibilities and busy schedules manage to exercise regularly each week? Chances are they are being held accountable by their trainer.

Why is accountability such a big deal?

Accountability is an important factor in the success of any training regimen because it helps create a mindset of commitment. In order to see any results and in order to achieve any goals you set for yourself, you will need to commit to a minimum amount of weekly sessions. And if you have an instructor you enjoy working with and respect and you know they are waiting for you and they’ve prepared unique programming for you at your set day and time, chances are you will show up and do the work out of a sense of accountability.

How can I build accountability into my Pilates regimen?

First figure out what studio is the right one for you. (Check out our recent blog post for tips on how to go about finding the right studio for you.) Call the studio you are thinking of joining and have a conversation with them about what you are looking for and if the fit seems right, schedule a consultation so you can visit the space and meet them in person. Your consultation will help determine what program is best for you.

Does your work schedule require flexible scheduling? Then private sessions are your best bet. Are you recovering from a specific injury? Private sessions also work best in this scenario? Are you able to commit to a regular schedule of semi-private training sessions? Then that might be the best option for you. Again, whatever your circumstances may be, the studio of your choosing should be able to help you figure out a schedule that will work with your routine and help lead you to success.

We would LOVE to keep you accountable!

We have a ton of experience working with clients of varying backgrounds, circumstances, and challenges and helping them successfully meet their personal goals. We can be that source of accountability you need too. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We would love to hear what your goals are and how we can help you reach them!

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