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Consistency And Accountability in your Pilates Practice

Meet our April Member of the Month: Amy Koplovsky

Amy started practicing Pilates at Vero Pilates in 2015 and immediately connected with our team member Sabine James. After a few months however she decided she wanted to explore other exercise modalities.

Pilates Helps Recovery from Biking Accident

In 2016 Amy experienced a biking accident that left her with a broken pelvis and rib. Remembering how low impact and custom-made her Pilates sessions were designed, she came back knowing that this would be her best bet to recovery.

Pilates Supports Amy Through Cancer Surgery & Treatment

Amy has been a dedicated member ever since! Throughout her journey at Vero she has faced other obstacles including treatment and major surgery for breast cancer which she fought bravely. Her challenges never deterred her, and we continued to work with what we had.

No matter the circumstances, she continues to show up ready to work hard, always with a positive and grateful attitude.

Pilates As Self-Care For a Busy Professional

Amy is an Urgent Care Physician and often comes after a long night shift at the hospital. Like all health care workers, she worked countless and exhausting hours during the height of Covid.

Since early 2021 she has been taking one private and one semi-private class per week and has since became close to her classmates. She emphasizes that accountability is a major factor that keeps her coming. She recognizes that it is easy to push exercise and movement to the side in favor of what seems “more important” at the moment. Having these set times in her schedule is essential to maintain her routine.

Pilates For Quality of Life!

Amy has come such a long way, and as with most of us who deal with the aftermath from chronic injuries, she might not be exactly where she was before, but her quality of life has improved dramatically as she continues to get stronger over time.

We love having Amy in our studio community!

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