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Benefits To Practicing Pilates With a Friend

Everything is better with a friend!

Friends have a unique way of knowing how to support us. They are aware of the joys and struggles we experience in our lives. Good friends know how to show up for each other in times of difficulty. Through our professional experience as movement instructors we have seen how members who work out with their friends have benefited from having each other’s support.

Friends keep you accountable for your pilates practice

One of the biggest struggles most humans have is being accountable for their movement practice. We all suffer from varying degrees of laziness or inertia when it comes to getting up and moving! Knowing that your friend is waiting for you at the studio and expecting you to show up is a great motivator to leave the house. None of us want to disappoint our friends, so it helps us to feel more motivated to show up.

Friends make you laugh!

No doubt one of the most important benefits of working out with your friend is that you get to laugh together! Movement should be something you look forward to and knowing that your friend will be in class and that you’ll get to smile at each other and giggle with each other just makes showing up that much more appealing. And knowing that if there is a movement sequence that feels awkward to you, it probably feels awkward to your friend too and that you can giggle about it together makes it so much easier to explore new things.

Friends challenge you

Friends have an uncanny way of making you try new things you would maybe be hesitant to try on your own. I for one have tried surfing, mountain biking, and skiing thanks to being with friends who encouraged me to “just try!”. And I had a great time! The same is true in the pilates studio. Some times all you need is a friend to say, “Come on! I know you can do it!” to get you to take that extra step.

Options for practicing pilates with your friend

At Vero Pilates you can sign up with a friend for a duet membership or semi-private training. Both options are wonderful ways to set aside quality friend time each week. Set up a FREE consultation with your friend today and let’s get you both started on a path to a happier and healthier life!

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