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3 reasons why you should attend our Pilates Day event

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

👉 Your doctor told you Pilates would help you strengthen your core to avoid back pain, but you have questions and need answers

👉 You live in the area and have always been curious about what those weird looking machines are all about and what we do in the studio

👉 You heard about the 20% discount on our New Member Journey and you know this is the deal you’ve been waiting for to try us out (Pilates Day price $199; Regular price $249)

You’re welcome to stop by, chat, and shop, or sign up for a FREE 20 min session if you want to get on the equipment and feel what Pilates is all about.

We can’t wait to meet you 😊

Please share with anyone you think could benefit from this information ❤️

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