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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

One of our goals at Vero Pilates has been to help the local male population of Long Beach see all the benefits they can receive from a regular practice of Pilates. We have given a lot of thought to how the studio space looks and feels to make sure our male clients also feel comfortable in our space. However, as the studio owner I always felt there was more that could be done; more specific tools we could use as instructors in our work with male clients to help them more directly. When I met Jamie Isaac at the annual Pilates Method Alliance conference in 2018, I knew I had met the right instructor to teach us the tools. As an avid surfer and athlete, Jamie brings a wealth of knowledge on how best to approach work with men. His workshop “Pilates For Men” covered everything from our word choice, to our choice of exercises, to the minute details of cueing that would support our male clients and help them have an even better experience during their Pilates sessions. It was a great experience having Jamie with us and we left the workshop equipped with new tools that we could implement the next week with our clients.

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