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Why you need to start a consistent Pilates practice today.

A consistent Pilates practice yields real results

Joseph Pilates famously said, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”. This is no joke. From my 10+ years experience working with clients from all walks of life, I can honestly say that this statement has proven itself true time and time again even in the case of clients who started their practice coming out of surgery or injury.

Why does a consistent Pilates practice give you real results

Because Pilates goes to the root of your movement needs. Whatever your body is struggling with, Pilates has the answer. Are you overcompensating using one side of your body more heavily than the other due to a lingering injury? Pilates will help you balance out your musculature. Are you suffering from tight hamstrings, calves, quads? Pilates not only helps you strengthen your muscles, but it also helps you increase flexibility within your natural range of motion. Are your neck and shoulders incredibly painful? Pilates will help you build a strong shoulder girdle to help support the weight of your head as you sit at your desk working and help you maintain good posture. Is your low back painful? Pilates will help you increase the strength and endurance of your core, so that you can support your back muscles. Literally anything you are dealing with in your body has a powerful answer in a consistent Pilates practice.

But I don’t know how to have a consistent Pilates practice on my own

That’s ok. Most people don’t. Most people appreciate guidance and accountability in their practice. That is why at Vero Pilates we offer our members the support and coaching they need to reach their goals. We help our clients figure out a consistent schedule that works within their schedule and budget. We follow up with our clients to make sure they are seeing the progress they are working towards. Members have access to our video on demand library where we post two new 30 min workouts every week for them to keep their practice consistent even when they are away from the studio. And we do all of this in a supportive, warm, and welcoming community where everyone has a place and everyone feels seen and heard.

If you need help creating a consistent Pilates practice in your life, contact us today to set up your FREE consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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