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Pilates Will Help You Be More Present

We all want to be more present, but how?

Two of the foundational principles of Pilates are Breathing and Concentration. Both of these concepts are absolutely fundamental to being present in the moment and in our lives. How does the practice of these principles help you achieve this goal? Read on!

Where you are moving from and where you are moving to

In Pilates we often break down movement by thinking about its direction. Every exercise has a specific set up. The reason for having a specific set up is as my Teacher Trainer taught me, is so that the exercise will go successfully and accomplish the purpose it is intended for. Once the exercise is set up correctly, breath initiates the movement, and concentration helps us maintain focus throughout the entirety of it. So the movement has a clear starting place and a clear destination.

How all of this helps you be more present

We tend to live our daily lives with little awareness of what our bodies are doing. We often find ourselves breathless and feeling “scatter brained” because we’re trying to take too much in at once as well as process too much information at once. The constant bombardment of distractions and “noise” makes us lose focus and connection to our outside world, but most importantly to our inner being. When we lose those connections, it becomes a free for all. We often feel out of control, exhausted, and have trouble concentrating.

A consistent and meaningful Pilates practice is way of returning home, going inward – reconnecting who we are on the inside, our inner strength and vitality. By experiencing joyful movement from a connected place regularly, we start to find the ability to reconnect with the world around us again from a place of more awareness and patience. We start to feel the urge again to listen and observe. Ultimately this type of practice helps us be better people. And when we feel like we can be better people, we can offer the gift of our presence to others around us resulting in a more happy, connected, and thoughtful community at large.

Where do I start?

Request a free consultation with our studio today and let us help you take the first step towards a more mindful and connected lifestyle. And join us via Zoom on Saturday, April 24, at 10:00 am for our monthly Community Class, “Mindful Matwork”, presented by studio owner Veronica Colwell.

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