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Long Beach Pilates Client Spotlight: Ashley Mullen

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Meet our rockstar client Ashley Mullen. In her late 30’s and mother of two active boys ages 4 and 2, Ashley has had to find innovative ways to keep her routine of radical self-care in her schedule!

Ashley discovered Pilates at Vero Pilates in 2013. Her goal at the time was getting in top shape for her upcoming wedding in 2014.

“I discovered Pilates in 2013. I was getting married in 2014 and wanted to get my body toned as I only did spin classes for years. What surprised me the most about Pilates, is I am constantly challenged yet in tune with my body more than any other exercise I’ve done.”

How often do you practice Pilates weekly?

3 group classes per week

What benefits have you received by regularly practicing Pilates?

Not only a stronger core, but a healthy mindset. Pilates keeps me sane.

What has been your experience taking Pilates at Vero Pilates?

I LOVE the studio so much. My favorite part is the small private studio. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but you don’t feel like just another client, you feel like family at Vero.

What has been your experience taking virtual classes with us during the pandemic?

Like anything, change can be hard for anyone. I was reluctant at first and was worried that not using any equipment would hinder my practice. I was pleasantly surprised that it was still a challenge!

Mat classes are just as vital as using Pilates equipment and I’m thankful I still have a way to connect to the studio along with my Pilates practice. In this critical time, it’s nice to keep moving no matter what. I’m thankful Vero adapted and I can still do Pilates!

I will also say, I’m a mom and getting to the studio sometimes poses a challenge. PreCovid I worked out 2 days at the studio since thats would I could get for childcare. Now, I get to work out 3 days! And I’m happy my Tuesday class will stay virtual even after the studio opens which is amazing! Happy to keep it moving with some of my favorite people!

Do you think others should be practicing Pilates, and if so, why?

Yes of course! Your back and core will thank you! Let’s face it, we all have bad backs and weak cores.


Want to experience the benefits of a regular Pilates routine in your life? Call us today for a FREE consultation! 562 477 9650 And in the meantime, check out our schedule to see all our virtual offerings.


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