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Is Virtual Pilates As Effective As In Person Pilates?

This is such a good question

As Pilates studios shifted to offering virtual sessions and classes due the pandemic, we were all met with different reactions from our clients. Some knew right from the get go that they weren’t going to stop with their regular Pilates sessions no matter what the setting. Others were hesitant to try it at first, but once they gave it a go realized that they had been missing out on so many benefits. And then there are those who are still unsure about whether virtual sessions can possibly be as good and effective as in person sessions.

Virtual sessions ARE highly effective!

I’m here to tell you based on our experience teaching these virtual Pilates sessions and classes since March that virtual sessions can indeed be as effective as in person ones. In discussing our clients’ progress with my colleagues we all agree that we have seen tremendous improvements and progress across the board. As the majority of sessions are taught without traditional Pilates equipment, clients have been focusing on variations of mat work using smaller props. Clients who are regularly doing this work have been getting incredibly strong! And many have added more advanced exercises into the regular repertoire. Clients’ endurance has also improved and those participating in more cardio based classes are finding this aspect of their wellness also improving significantly.

But will I feel connected with my instructor and class?

Absolutely! Many of our clients have remarked on the added social benefit of staying connected with their regular classes and/or sessions. Older clients who are limiting their time out of their homes due to the dangers of contagion enjoy their brief interchanges with classmates and instructors before and after their virtual sessions. And everyone who is working from home gets a chance to shake off the stiffness from doing office work all day while getting some giggles in with their classmates.

Virtual classes add structure to your schedule

With the COVID pandemic dragging on, at times it feels hard to even keep track of the day. Having your classes and sessions marked on your schedule helps provide structure to your week and gives you something to look forward to. It provides you with the accountability you need to make sure you are moving regularly throughout your week.

Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

If you haven’t yet given a virtual class or session a try, we highly recommend it! Several clients who had earlier been hesitant to try it out are now regulars again after having realized that they are still getting the quality attention and follow up our dedicated and expert team of instructors is known for. We look forward to seeing your smile on Zoom! To check out our schedule of availability, click here.

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