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Is Pilates For You?

Over the years as an instructor and as a studio owner I have had many conversations with individuals who hesitate to think that Pilates is an exercise method designed with people like them in mind. Let me share some examples with you.

“I’m too old.”

Due to the marketing images used over the years by many Pilates studios, some people have come to think that Pilates in only for the young and lithe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pilates has incredible benefits for the elderly population including helping to maintain and develop muscle mass and strength, combating osteoporosis, improve balance and coordination, and on an emotional level, helping to fight isolation and loneliness which are all too common in advanced age. Joseph Pilates himself practiced his method until his demise at the age of 83!

“I’m not in shape.”

Again, misguided marketing campaigns have lead many to believe that in order to practice Pilates you need to be fit and “in shape” – whatever that exactly means… Not true! Pilates is an incredibly versatile method that allows an instructor to make endless adaptations in what exercises to use and how to set them up, so that any client, no matter what shape they think they are in, can enjoy a successful and positive movement experience! The sky is the limit!

“Isn’t Pilates just for women?”

Wrong again! It’s true that the method has over the years been marketed heavily towards the female population. Unfortunately this has lead to the misconception that Pilates as a method is designed for women which couldn’t be further from the truth. When you have some time, google the founder of the method Joseph Pilates and see for yourself the strong and muscular cigar toting man he was. During his life he explored everything from weight lifting to boxing before coming up with his unique method that he named “Contrology”. We have the pleasure of working with many male clients who are delighted to see how a regular practice of Pilates is helping them perform their sports of choice even better and with less risk of injury.

“I won’t fit in.”

Yes, I’m going to the say the uncomfortable thing. To my great disappointment and that of many colleagues in the industry, Pilates has often been pictured as being for tall skinny white ladies. Anyone who doesn’t fit that specific profile may initially feel like going to a Pilates studio or attending a Pilates group class would feel awkward at best and completely uncomfortable at worst. This is absolutely heartbreaking as so many people in our communities are missing out on the benefits of the practice just because they are concerned that they will not feel comfortable in our spaces. That is totally unacceptable! As a studio we are on a mission to change that perception. We strive to make every person who contacts us and walks in through our doors feel warmly welcomed. If you’re wondering how our clients feel about visiting our space, check out our testimonials.

See why Pilates is for you too!

Pilates is for you! It is for every body! And we would be honored to show you how Pilates can benefit you personally. Reach out to us today and book your free consultation by calling 562 477 9650 or by submitting your information through our contact form.

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