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I’m New To Pilates: What does an Intro & Evaluation Session look like?

I’m New To Pilates: What does an Intro & Evaluation Session look like?

So you’re thinking of taking the step and finally signing up for that first Pilates session. You’ve walked by the studio a few times and peaked in through the window and thought, “What on earth are those crazy looking pieces of equipment?” Yes, it’s true. It’s often said that they look like medieval torture devices, but trust me, they will become your best friends in no time! Pilates equipment is nothing to be afraid of. It’s about learning how to use them properly and safely and then taking them for a ride!

Before coming in for your Intro & Evaluation Session you will have filled out your online intake form. This form is important because it gives you an opportunity to share relevant and important health background that we will need to take into account when working with you. Have you had any past injuries? Are you currently experiencing any illness? Are you on medication? Have you given birth? All of these details help us prepare and plan ahead for your session. Remember, private one-on-one Pilates sessions like the Intro & Evaluation Session are tailored to your individual needs.

We also appreciate knowing your goals. Are you preparing for a marathon or triathlon, are you post-partum and looking to heal your body after birthing, are you coping with a chronic condition and looking to maintain your mobility and strength? Everyone has unique reasons for trying out Pilates and we want to know yours.

Your instructor will briefly review your intake form with you. They will also introduce you to the different pieces of equipment we work with at the studio – reformers, wunda chairs, ladder barrels, towers, and Cadillac. Your instructor will introduce you to basic concepts such as intercostal breathing, alignment, and articulation as they take you through some exploratory exercises. You will move throughout the duration of the session, but don’t worry. We will only take you through exercises that we feel will work for your body while giving you insight into what the Pilates Method can do for you to help you reach your goals. So go ahead and request your Intro & Evaluation Session today!

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