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How To Get Results From Your Pilates Practice

What is the key to getting results from your Pilates practice?

There is no magic formula, but here are some key factors that I have found over the years to be a recipe for getting the results you are looking to achieve.

Results, Not Perfection

The first step from my perspective is understanding what “results” means to you. This word is going to mean very different things to each individual person. What a cyclist is looking to achieve is very different from what a person in their golden years is looking to achieve which in turn is very different from what a pregnant woman is looking to achieve. So I would say that the first step is defining what success and results look like to you individually.

A professional studio that prides itself on offering individualized programming should be taking the time to listen to you carefully as you begin your Pilates practice. They should also be asking specific questions in order to get a complete picture of where you are in your fitness journey and what precisely are your personal goals. This will help them tailor your program to your needs and make sure you are receiving the right support to attain the results you are looking for.


I speak about this a lot. Without a consistent practice, you cannot achieve the results you are after. Pilates is a practice. Every session you take layers on the next. As you build a deeper connection with your body and start to feel how all the pieces work together, your understanding increases along with your strength, your flexibility, your coordination, your balance, and so much more. Being consistent in your practice is what will help your body start to develop the strength and awareness you need to progress.

Joseph Pilates himself is famous for saying, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” The caveat to this that many people aren’t familiar with is that Joe would require his clients to see him DAILY.  Even if you are not attending sessions at your favorite studio every day, you can still make Pilates a daily practice. It can literally take 15 minutes of daily practice to start to completely change the way you move, look, and feel.

A Pilates studio that takes its works seriously will ask you to commit to a minimum of a twice weekly practice. A twice weekly practice is the basic amount you will need to start feeling real changes in your body at a good pace.


Like all things in life, if we are left to our own devices many of us will choose the easy way out. It’s just human nature! And regular exercise is no exception. Most people appreciate having an instructor and coach who is dedicated to helping them achieve the results they are looking for. When you make the investment in your health and sign up with a professional studio it automatically creates a sense of accountability for your practice. Now you know that on certain days of the week your instructor will be expecting you to show up for your session and will keep you accountable for it. Your instructor will also do the work of following up with you to make sure you are getting the support you need and that you are attaining the results you are working towards. My advice will always be – get yourself a great instructor in an awesome studio!

Would you appreciate receiving support to reach your fitness goals? We’re here for you. Contact us today to set up your FREE consultation and let us show you how you can get real results.

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