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Go Outside And Breathe Fresh Air!

The Need For Fresh Air & Sunshine

It seems so simple and yet many people struggle to make sure they get fresh air daily. Often our busy schedules and endless responsibilities get us so wrapped up that we forget to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and get some sunshine on our faces. Why should you spend time outdoors daily and how can we help you?

Why is fresh air & sunshine so important?

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that fresh air and sunshine have antibacterial properties? A 2013 paper from the Journal of Hospital Infection points out that, “The majority of microbes that cause airborne infections cannot tolerate sunlight, oxidants or the temperature extremes that occur outdoors.” It also mentions that, “Direct sunlight may enhance well-being and resistance to infection for those who receive it (…)”. So though fresh air and sunshine are not a cure, they can definitely support our body’s natural ability to ward off infection.

Mental health benefits

Fresh air and sunshine is also well known to have positive benefits for patients suffering from depression. Light therapy is often used to treat patients experiencing seasonal and/or major depression with positive results. And it comes at no cost! Living in southern California you can literally benefit from this form of “treatment” any day of the year! Even if you’re feeling tired after a long day of work, a walk around your block will literally help lift your spirits. And if you have kids like I do, why not push them to the park in a stroller or have them ride their bike or scooter. They’ll love it and you’ll get the added benefit of fresh air and exercise!

Bringing Pilates outdoors

We recently received our permit from Long Beach City to teach small group classes in Marina Vista Park (Belmont Heights, Long Beach). We are so excited to add this offering to our schedule as we recognize the incredible benefit of practicing Pilates out in the fresh air. While following all the city and state regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are able to offer a fun, refreshing, and challenging workouts that anyone in our community can enjoy. Book your spot in our next Pilates In The Park class!

Hear what one of our clients had to say about her recent experience attending Pilates In The Park.

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