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Finding Your Pilates Community In Long Beach

It’s important to feel heard in your Pilates community

From the moment you get in touch with us, my goal is that you feel warmly welcomed. I always enjoy my first phone conversation with our new clients and learning about your journey and what has brought you to Pilates. When you visit us for the first time whether in person or virtually, your instructor is ready with a warm smile and kind words of encouragement. We take the time to make a thorough assessment and understand everything from your health history, to your goals, and specific needs. When you join us for a group class, you feel that everyone else is like you – working on moving and feeling better, together. Wherever you choose to practice Pilates, make sure you feel heard.

It’s important to feel welcome in your Pilates community

If you have never practiced Pilates in a studio environment, the experience of walking into a studio for the first time may seem intimidating. There’s lots of equipment that may look strange to you. Many people joke that they look like medieval torture machines! 🙂 Typically Pilates studios are also known for a more subdued atmosphere with music playing softly in the background or not at all, the focus being on clients remaining concentrated and ‘in the moment’. Some people worry that they have to dress a certain way. Did I hear leggings? And then there’s the thought of “I’m not enough [fill in the blank]” to fit in. The solution for all of these feelings? Feeling WELCOME! From the moment you step foot inside a studio, you should feel welcomed by the entire staff as well as the rest of the client community.

It’s important to feel seen in your Pilates community

At our studio the vast majority of us are what we would consider regular people and that’s a beautiful thing. Why? Because Pilates was truly designed for EVERY BODY. It was created to help all of us live happier and healthier lives, so that we could feel more energized and full of zest. Joseph and Clara Pilates worked with clients of all sorts and all ages, men and women. That is what we aim to do in our space – be welcoming to all people and help you find a place where you can enjoy a positive and joyful movement experience every time you visit us.

It’s important to feel like you belong in your Pilates community

I know from personal experience that walking into a studio for the first time can be an intimidating experience if you feel that you don’t look a certain way. In my case, I am what would be considered a large woman. For a long time, large women like myself felt out of place in many movement environments because the image and marketing that has been spewed out by the industry for decades has focused solely on one prototype of individual. There simply wasn’t a place at the table for “regular folks” and consequently many “regular folks” stayed away from not only practicing these movement modalities, but also from getting certified in and teaching these modalities. An important goal for me with creating my studio space was that no one should ever have to feel intimidated when walking into our space, or joining one of our classes.

You have a seat at our table

There IS a seat for you at our table. We want you to sit with us and move with us because we know that ultimately when we come together as a community of ‘regular folks’ and we feel stronger, more centered, more grounded, healthier in our own bodies, and happier, then we can share this joy and zest with our wider communities. And just like that, one person at a time, us ‘regular folks’ can have a beautiful and genuine impact on the world around us.

Ready to make a positive change in your life? Call us today at 562 477 9650 and schedule a FREE consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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