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A Clean Pilates Studio Is A Loved Pilates Studio

HYGIENE IS A PRIORITY I don’t know about you, but hygiene is up there on my list of priorities when I’m seeking out a place to exercise. I’ve been to gyms and studios that smell funky, surfaces look questionably sticky, and floors look like they could use a good mopping.

PROFESSIONAL CLEANING  At Vero Pilates we pride ourselves on offering our instructors and clients a clean and tidy environment to work out in. Our professional cleaning crew deep cleans our studio once per week and sanitizes everything from equipment, to the bathroom, to our cubbies.

DAILY CLEANING PRACTICES In addition we offer one time use sanitizing gym wipes for our clients and instructors to use when cleaning equipment after use. We make sure our bathroom is well stocked with soap and our studio carries hand sanitizer as well for all to use.

Instructors are encouraged to wash their hands between sessions and to avoid coming to work when they are not feeling well. As a larger team we support each other with substitutions when one of us is feeling under the weather to avoid exposing clients or other team members to any illness.

SAFETY & HYGIENE As part of our hygiene policy we also ask clients to either wear grip socks to their sessions, or bring their personal loops to avoid cross contamination. We have both grip socks and personal Pilates loops on sale at our studio to ensure that you have what you need when you start your sessions with us.

IT’S A PRIORITY Your health and wellness is a priority for us! And cleanliness is a fundamental part of the equation. We want you to always feel like our space is fresh, clean, orderly, and welcoming when you visit us.

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