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Semi-Private Training

Semi-private Pilates training at Vero Pilates offers the benefits of a group setting while providing personalized cueing and support for each participant. At Vero Pilates our semi-private Pilates sessions are limited to 4 participants at one time. Semi-private sessions make use of a variety of equipment including the Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Wall Units, and a variety of additional props. 


Our semi-private sessions are known for being fun, inclusive, and welcoming. You can look forward to meeting other members in your local community who enjoy a good workout and camaraderie! 


Semi-private Pilates sessions at Vero Pilates are wonderful for you if you feel comfortable in a group setting, enjoy meeting new friends, and have a more predictable weekly schedule that allows you to commit to regular classes. Our 6 and 12 month members get the added benefit of being able to schedule their regular classes far in advance, so you can avoid the stress of having to book classes weekly!

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