Required to begin regular sessions at our studio. This is a 55 min private session scheduled around your availability. The objective of the session is to introduce you to the studio and the equipment we work with while making a thorough assessment of your personal needs, limitations (if any), and goals. We want to get to know you personally before you begin a regular practice of Pilates at our studio.


This session type is available both virtually and in person. Inquire for more information.

One on one 55 min session with your instructor. These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals. These sessions also provide the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of scheduling as we will work with you to find an instructor/s who can see you when you are available to come in.

Pack of 5 private sessions$390


This session type is available both virtually and in person. Inquire for more information.

These sessions are limited to two participants. If you would like to take duets, we ask that you bring a friend who wants to take sessions with you. This will facilitate scheduling for both of you. At times we have been able to find partners for those wishing to take duets, but we cannot guarantee that this is always possible.

Pack of 5 private sessions$285


Our group classes are limited to 4 participants at a time and make use of a rotation of the equipment over time. Whenever possible, we help clients figure out a schedule of class/es that works for them on a regular basis with the intention of creating regularity in the group. This allows the instructor to get to know their groups over time and help everyone progress together. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for clients in each group to get to know each other.

Pack of 5 semi-private group classes$170

Virtual Group Classes$20

These group classes are designed for up to ten participants. Instructors demonstrate each exercise as you follow along remotely. This budget friendly option offers a wide variety of themes making it a great option for anyone looking to explore live Pilates sessions with certified and experienced instructors.

Drop in fee$20

FREE Weekly Virtual Community Class

As a studio we are committed to making quality Pilates instruction available to everyone in our community and beyond. As such we are now offering our weekly Community Class on Saturday mornings for free. Visit our Schedule page to book your spot this week!

In-home Visits

We are now happy to bring Pilates to the comfort of your home. In home visits need to take place in an outdoor space such as a patio or yard.

Home visits come with an added charge of $20 (subject to change).


Our studio works with a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 24 hour window before your reservation, you will be charged full session price. If you need to make scheduling changes, please contact your instructor directly via text message before the 24 hour window. You can also cancel a session via your WellnessLiving app or web portal.


The 24 hour cancellation policy holds for duet partners in the same way as it does for the other session types. If your partner cancels less than 24 hour before your scheduled session, you will be offered the opportunity to either take a 30 min private session, or pay the difference and upgrade to a full hour private session.


All purchases are final. If you cannot use your sessions for any reason, please consider gifting/selling them to a friend. We are happy to help process a session transfer for you.


You are purchasing a session type, not a session with a specific instructor. We are committed to help book you with the instructor of your choosing. However please note that at times the instructor you wish to see may not be available at the times you are, or vice versa. As such our commitment is to make sure you receive the instruction for the session type you have purchased. Rest assured that all our team members are certified, experienced, and excellent instructors who will teach you a wonderful session.

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