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Long Beach Pilates Client Spotlight: Isa Smashey

Meet our client Isa Smashey. Isa has been practicing Pilates regularly at Vero Pilates since 2013 and has no intentions of stopping any time soon! Read about how Pilates has helped Isa successfully rehab from several surgeries as well as cope with ongoing arthritis. Isa’s story will inspire you!

“I met a pregnant Sabine years ago, 2005, at Frogs Wellness Center in the CSULB Pyramid where she was teaching something on a newfangled gizmo that I never really understood.

I was there at the gym to recover from arthroscopic knee procedures and trying to avoid knee replacements which would, in fact, come later. I worked under the tutelage of Kerri Gentry who looked after the seniors who came to Frog’s for a little push.

A sedentary person by nature, I needed that little push. Over time, I found out that I did feel better when I exercised. Surprise.

Right knee replacement late 2005. Left knee replacement 2011. Left rotator cuff arthroscopy 2016. Sciatica and lower back pain commenced in 2016. I guess you could call it arthritis all over the place.

When Frogs closed in 2010, I moved over to the new CSULB gym which was okay, but not the same. Still, I did not at first pursue another program. One day, I just happened to run into Sabine James right there, outside the gym. I was looking for a personal coach, again, to give me that little push.

“Well,” she said, “I coach using Pilates at Vero Pilates right in the neighborhood”. “Pilates? What’s that?” I thought wondering how to spell it. P-I-L-A-T-E-S. Joseph Pilates. When I found out he’d developed this exercise originally for wounded soldiers but later for dancers, I really thought this could never be for me. And…how could that darling, tiny, beautiful Sabine teach big, old, decrepit me. Really?

I knew I liked Sabine, but I must say that if I hadn’t been compelled to sign up for a set of five orientation lessons, I’d have given up. By the end of the five, I was hooked on Sabine’s precise instruction and hooked on Pilates.

So, we started down the road together. That was August 2013. I was a mere 65 when this all commenced.

Nowadays, it’s two times a week via Zoom from my in-home “studio”, formerly only a guest bedroom. Pre-COVID, it was three times a week in our Studio. I did miss my Studio home, but Sabine and I get by just fine, thanks to technology.

I decided early-on that I will likely do Pilates the rest of my life. I just feel so much better. I walk taller…balance better…ache less…feel stronger.

P-I-L-A-T-E-S. It’s not really just for dancers anymore, it’s for me!”


PS. Want to feel as good as Isa? Contact us today to book a FREE consultation. We will be glad to show you how Pilates can help you reach your goals!

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