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Laura C. – Vero Pilates Member of the Month – Pilates for Runners

“I know this sounds too good to be true, but I don’t suffer from low back pain at all anymore.”

– Laura C. – Virtual Vero Pilates Member & Member of the Month March 2022

Becoming a virtual Pilates member of Vero Pilates

Laura reached out to Vero Pilates in the summer of 2021 after listening to a podcast interview Darya Rose (The Darya Rose Show) held with Vero Senior Instructor and long time personal friend, Andrea Smith. Laura was especially intrigued by hearing about the improvements Darya and her husband Kevin had both experienced with their back pain.

Laura’s goals

Her goal when starting her virtual Pilates practice was to target the chronic low back issues she had been dealing with for over ten years. She also wanted to become stronger and feel better when running long distances.

Reaching her goals

She shares about her progress: “I’ve made so much progress! I know this sounds too good to be true, but I don’t suffer from low back pain at all anymore. Recently, I have been going through some hard things in life that made coming to pilates every week more difficult – my back pain started to come back. It’s been so long since I’ve had *any* back pain that I forgot I even suffered from it. I also have a solid, strong core now (something I couldn’t accomplish with normal strength work). I’m also running a bit faster because of the increased strength.” 

More benefits!

Laura mentions that one of the highlights of her over all experience has been working Andrea virtually every week. She mentions, “I had physical goals that I wanted to address, but I didn’t know I’d receive so much more than that. I’ve been working with Andrea for seven months now – she’s seen me at my best, but most importantly, she’s seen me at my worst. I have gone through some really hard things while working with her, and she showed me so much kindness and support through it all. She always met me where I was at on that day and provided additional emotional support that helped me get through some of the toughest times of my life. So the biggest celebration would be that I have found a forever friend and Pilates teacher :)”

Ready to transform your life?

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