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How To Set Attainable Fitness Goals

Be Clear When Setting Your Fitness Goals

Instead of saying to yourself, “I’d like to get healthy next year.”, try to visualize what does “being healthy” actually look like to you. What fitness goals are you realistically going to incorporate into your routine? Are you walking more? Are you drinking more water? Are you making time to sleep more hours every night? Are you adding a stretching routine into your day? Are you making time for a daily mindfulness practice? Are you going starting therapy or reach out to a support group?

Be Specific About Your Fitness Goals

The more specific you can be with your fitness and health goals, the better as well. How many times per week are you planning to go for a walk/jog/swim? How many oz of water are you going to try to drink every day? What fitness routines are you going to try to incorporate into your routine – Pilates, weight training, cardio, cycling? To achieve your sleep goal – what time are you planning to go to sleep/get up every day? The more you can break your larger goals down into clear specific action items, the more likely you are to work towards reaching them.

Be Intentional About Your Fitness Goals

Have a clear sense of purpose to direct your goal setting. Think about the big picture. What does being more healthy feel like in your body? Do you see yourself feeling stronger, more confident, more at ease with yourself and those around you? Do you feel less stressed, more focused, and more capable of dealing with life’s ups and downs?

Then ask yourself why that’s important to you? How does it benefit you? Are you going to be able to show up at work with better energy, more determination, and more drive? Will you be more patient with your kids and family? Will you be able to get more pleasure and enjoyment out of your free time? And importantly, are their loved ones in your life that you care about who will also benefit from you making time for yourself and looking after your health?

Time To Reflect

As this crazy year winds to end, it is time to take stock of how we’ve risen to the countless challenges thrown at us due to the pandemic. We have all been warriors in our own ways. We have adapted to new work circumstances, new schooling arrangements, new ways to socialize with friends and family, new ways to exercise, EVERYTHING has literally felt new! You deserve a pat on the back for having made it through, one day at a time. You’ve been strong, you haven’t given up, you are here to tell the tale. 

Now is the time to think about what we want 2021 to look like for ourselves. It’s time to re-energize our minds and our bodies to move forward with determination and appreciation for the gift of life we’ve all been given. Let’s take care of these amazing bodies we have. Let’s choose to nourish our bodies physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so that we can keep conquering any and all challenges that come our way.

And if you could do with some support along the way, we are here for you to coach and train you every step of the way. Schedule your FREE consultation with us today and find out what a regular Pilates practice with an expert instructor can do for you.

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