Pilates Helped Our Member of the Month Bill Get Back to Golfing, Hiking, and Camping!


  • What goals did you have when you first started practicing Pilates?
When I first started pilates training I wanted to get more flexibility, work on balance, increase my range of motion and remediate two dislocated ribs. I am an avid golfer and my back problem precluded me from playing for over ten years. I tried all kinds of therapy for my rib injury and nothing worked.
  • What progress have you made towards achieving your goals?
I am a general contractor and my job over the years has not been kind to my body so I get a chance to undo those aches and pains through the pilates training. My posture and overall body movement has greatly improved. I love to go camping and we always go hiking on our trips, my enjoyment of hiking and my stamina has greatly increased since doing pilates. As a side effect from feeling better physically it has given me more awareness of my body overall and I now have a much better diet and feel much more healthy and vibrant, I have also lost 25 pounds.
  • What celebrations would you like to share with the Vero Pilates community?
Within 18 months of doing pilates I was able to start golfing again. I will mention that I am 71 years old and I have been doing pilates 2-3 times a week for about 6 years. What I learned is that it takes consistent regular sessions of pilates to achieve your goals. You just have to do the work. The Vero instructors are the best and they can develop a plan to meet your goals, but you do need to consistently show up and it may take longer than you expect, but it is doable.
I cannot say enough about how great pilates is and how it can help us all live healthier lives.
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